2012 Season

Balm in Gilead

January 28 – March 4

Balm in Gilead

by Lanford Wilson
Set in a cafe in 1960‘s New York, Balm in Gilead tells the story of the “riff raffs, the bums, the petty thieves, the scum, the lost, the desperate, the dispossessed, the cool.” In this volatile world, two people look to escape the cycle of futility that surrounds them.








Romeo and JulietApril 14 – May 20

Romeo & Juliet

by William Shakespeare
“Here’s much to do with hate, but more with love.”

Romeo and Juliet is one of the most produced plays in the world. So, why is Coeurage doing it? We want to give audiences a new notion of traditional Shakespeare by unlocking the passion and zeal in the text, while honoring its language and themes.







Is He Dead?June 8 – July 15

Is He Dead?

by Mark Twain, adapted by David Ives
Composed in 1898 in Vienna by Mark Twain, this sparkling slapstick comedy was left undiscovered and unpublished until 2003, and received its world premiere in an heavily-acclaimed Broadway production in 2007. Jean François Millet, a painter deeply in debt and in love, receives an ultimatum from his creditor: to avoid debtor’s prison, he must surrender either the money he owes or the woman he loves. When Millet friends realize that his paintings would increase in value if he were dead, a wild scheme is hatched that will save the day and hurt your sides with laughter.






August 3 – September 9


Music & Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim, Book by John Weidman
Stephen Sondheim’s provocative musical about successful and failed assassins of Presidents of the United States. Originally produced Off-Broadway, Assassins was supposed to receive its Broadway debut in 2001, but that production was put on hold due to the events of September 11th. Directed by Julianne Donelle, this production of Assassins will arrive right in the thick of election season.







The 4th Graders Present An Unnamed Love-Suicide

September 28 – October 28

The 4th Graders Present An Unnamed Love Suicide

by Sean Graney
Coeurage is proud to present the West Coast Premiere of The Fourth Graders Present an Unnamed Love-Suicide, by Chicago playwright Sean Graney. A play within a play, it concerns a group of children giving a presentation to their student body. The show, as it turns out, was the last thing written by a fellow classmate before shooting himself. Funny, unique and disturbing, Fourth Graders is an existential examination of lost innocence. The New York Times writes that “this stirringly melodramatic Chicago import will leave you shaken.”