Pay What You Want

What exactly is Pay What You Want (PWYW)?

PWYW is just what it sounds like, you pay the price that you want to pay. Our shows aren’t free or donation-based, we operate like other theatre companies but we let you fill in the blank for the ticket price.

It’s a very important business decision when a company picks a price for their product. We are, in essence, making each and every patron a business partner when they walk in the door and choose the price of a ticket.

Why do PWYW?

Why not? Artists innovate, take risks, experiment. We aim to do that in business as well as in art.

Our mission is to make theatre accessible, we never want the cost of a ticket to keep people from going to see live theatre. With PWYW, theatre-goers of all walks of life can pay a price that is both fair and affordable.

What’s the difference between Pay What You Can (PWYC) and PWYW?

Many companies have PWYC performances every now and then to appeal to the crowds that can’t normally pay the $30+ to see the show. We’d like a patron who can afford only $5 to have equal opportunity as the one who can afford $50.

PWYC references one’s ability to pay (can), while PWYW appeals to one’s desires (want). We care about giving you an opportunity to pay a price that’s fair to YOU.

Who else does PWYW?

As far as we know, Coeurage Theatre Company is the only performing arts group in Los Angeles to work with an entirely PWYW model. Available Light Theatre in Columbus, OH that does PWYW, and BrooklynONEtheatre+film does PWYW for their original content events.. There are a few restaurants (including a Panera) that let the customers decide what they pay, software companies, and Radiohead who released a PWYW album.