Pay What You Want

What exactly is Pay What You Want (PWYW)?

PWYW is just what it sounds like, you pay the price that you want to pay. Our shows aren’t free or donation-based, but we let you fill in the blank for the ticket price.

Determining a product’s price is a very important business decision for a company. We are, in essence, making each and every patron a business partner when they walk in the door and choose the price of a ticket.

Why do PWYW?

Our mission is to make theatre accessible, we never want the cost of a ticket to keep people from seeing live theatre in Los Angeles. With PWYW, everyone can afford to see high quality theatre at a price they feel is fair.

What’s the difference between Pay What You Can (PWYC) and PWYW?

Pay What You Can is based a a person’s ability to pay.

Pay What You Want is based on a person’s desire.

It is a value placement as well as an economic decision. Each patron decides what a theatre experience is worth to him or her. Some even decide it’s worth more than their initially paid, which is why our box office is kept open during intermission and after performances.

Who else does PWYW?

As far as we know, Coeurage Theatre Company is the only performing arts group in Los Angeles to work with an entirely PWYW model. Available Light Theatre in Columbus, OH has been PWYW since 2008, and BrooklynONEtheatre+film does PWYW for their original content events. There are a few software companies and restaurants (including some Panera Bread locations) that let customers decide what they pay, and Radiohead released a PWYW digital download of their 2007 album “In Rainbows.”