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The Coeurage Theatre Blog

Are you like the millions and millions of Coeurage fans (dream big, right?) searching for more ways to stay in touch with your favorite Pay-What-You-Want theatre company? Well, look no further. The Coeurage Blog will be having new entries every Wednesday, beginning August 10th.

What can I expect from this Coeurage Blog, you may be asking yourself? Well, I was going to answer that before you started getting all aggressive, so just relax a second. Here, have a Zolax and breathe into this paper bag for a minute.

Good. Now about that blog…

You can expect stories from behind the curtain; a glimpse into the world of creating theatre where the members of the company are the driving force behind everything you see on stage, in the lobby, the light booth, etc. We are literally getting our hands dirty. Just ask Michelle Stann. That woman’s got the dirtiest hands in the business. Dirty sexy, that is. ;-)

Next week we kick it off with an entry on what it’s like to get less than 24 hours notice that you’ll be performing in a very challenging musical. That’s right — The Life of a Swing. See you back here in exactly one week. Don’t make me find you…

- Chris Roque

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